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Isothermal Annealing: 


Blank Turning:





Blank Turning Diameter Range:





Broaching Capacity:


Spline Rolling:




Transmission Gears:









Transmission Size Range:


Differential Gears:







Crown Wheel & Pinion:










Rear Axel Shafts:











Synchronizer Hubs & Sleeves:



Heat Treatment:











gears facilty 


Equipped with Drop Forging Hammers and Horizontal Forging Machines, Upsetters and Presses etc. it is one of the most modern and high tech forging facilities in the region. 


Furnaces capacity 1000 Kg/Hour 


A plethora of about 100 CNC turning Centers, Lathes, CNC Twin Spindle Chuckers of world renowned makes such as MORISIEKI, MAZAK, CINCINNATI, HYUNDAI, COLCHESTER, HMT, FRONTOR WIESSER and SUGA etc


30mm to 600mm



Vertical broaching machines from makers like Frost, American Broach, Varinelli and HMT etc. 


Ranging from 6 Tons to 40 Tons 


The company has modern ROTO FLO spline rolling machines to make cold-formed splines on gear shafts as per the design specifications.


Comprised of more than 150 conventional and CNC Hobbing, Shaping and Shaving machines of world renowned makes such as GLEASON, PFAUTER, HURTH, LIEBHERR, LORENZ, HMT, WMW and RED RING etc to churn out 3 million units annually.


On the horizon are plans for adding capacity for another 200,000 gears a month to keep pace with rapid growth and demand of the industries we serve.


30mm to 400mm Diameter


Equipped with a capacity to produce Bevel gears of various disciplines and applications on bevel generators such as Gleason-104 and WMW Machines.


A battery of 10 machines is deployed to produce 300,000 bevel gears per annum for differential assemblies


With dedicated Gleason Machining Line and state-of-the-art Heat Treatment Facility, we are capable of providing 1,800,000 sets per annum for various applications.


The Crown Wheel & Pinion sets are duly lapped and tested for noise levels, performance parameters, fitment and durability.

DN 10 to DN 800 


125 mm to 500mm in diameter and from 4 to 12 module.


Presently, our facility has in house forging equipment and machining facilities to produce 1,500,000 Axle Shafts annually for OEM and export requirements.


A dedicated machining line with a battery of induction hardening machines are installed to produce Axle Shafts for any application.


Capacity expansion for another 200,000 Axle shafts was added as of October 2007. 



World renowned ZF Make Internal Gear Rolling Machine capable of processing Synchro Hubs,Synchro Sleeves, Clutch bodies for various Automotive Gear Boxes. 


Our Heat Treatment Facility is well equipped with modern state of the art Sealed Quenched Furnaces, Carburizing Furnace, Induction Hardening machines, Rotary Hearth Furnaces and Isothermal annealing plant etc.


The heat treatment is further supported by well-equipped laboratories comprising of Automatic Micro Hardness Tester, Microscopes and Jominy hardenability testing equipments


Grinding Operations are carried on various CNC and Conventional grinding machines of various make to achieve optimum level of accuracy as per the customers’ specifications.




straight bevel



crown wheel & pinion



rear axel shafts



synchro assemblies










straight spur


helical spur 




plain bevel 


spiral bevel






rack & pinion 

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