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staying competive 

we know you deserve the best quality products at the best prices

All the processes are in-house 

this helps us to control quality and cut down cost


OPen & Close Die Forging

Heat Treatment

Conventional & CNC Machining 

Inspection & QC

Packing & shipping


Spread out over 20+ acres, our facilities house dedicated lines for producing high quality and precision forged & machined parts.


With a work force of over 1000 engineers, professionals, technocrats and highly skilled workmen no job is too large to handle.  


A rigorous system of quality management is in place to ensure that each manufactured product conforms to international standards of excellence. 


Quality assurance is the threshold of all the activities within our facilities. We carry out in-house testing like: 

     - Physical Testing

     - Chemical Testing 

     - Hardness Testing 

     - Ultrasonic Testing 

     - Magnetic Particle Testing 

     - Positive Material Identification 

All other testing like impact, IGC, HIC, FE Analysis, etc. are carried out by outside approved institutions. 


Fast, precise, quality products delivered on time every time. 








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